Nian Battery Khavaran Co. introduction

Nian Battery Khavaran Co. is an expert company in the field of industrial battery production. The batteries we produce are utilized in telecom, electrical and renewable energy systems. Nian Battery Khavaran Company was established in 2011 and in 2012, managed to start mass production. Now the production capacity in our company reached to 90,000 battery Pcs per year using cutting edge technologies. With the purpose of developing Nian Group activities and also enhancing the product ranges of the group, Nian Battery Khavaran Co. signed exclusive agent contract with SHUANGDENG GROUP (SHOTO) Company to produce the batteries under license of this well-known brand. SHOTO is the main supplier of telecom batteries for HUAWEI & ZTE. Nian Battery Khavaran Co, also managed to achieve the required certificates from MCI, Irancell and Rightel. As a result we could supply a considerable amount of the batteries which these companies required in the past 4 years.

Nian Battery Khavaran Co. products

Nian Battery Khavaran Co. is an industrial battery manuafacturer. The Company products with different capacities are used in energy saving in telecom, electrical and renewable energy systems. The batteries life time in standard conditions is 12 years.

Company news and events

  • Appreciation the Nian Battery Khavaran company in the 7th congress of Occupational Health
    6 May , 2015

    In 7th congress of Occupational Health which...

  • The CEO of Nian battery was selected as the top entrepreneur
    15 June , 2015

    in the 10th festival of khorasan razavi ...

  • Nian Battery was recognized as Khorasan Razavi top industrial unit 2014
    3 November , 2015

    On National Day of Industry and Mine...

  • The CEO of Nian battery, the top employer of Department of Labor and Social Welfare of Khorasan Razavi
    15 May , 2016

    On may 15,2016 celebration of khorasan razavi...

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